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Your First Appointment at Lott Chiropractic

What to Expect from Your First Appointment at Lott Chiropractic for Chronic Pain

When you have chronic pain in your back or other joints, chiropractic care helps you enjoy relief from this discomfort. What should you expect from your initial visit at Lott Chiropractic? Learn more about what will happen during your first appointment at our Lincoln office.

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Personal and Family Medical History

Our chiropractor will need to go over your personal and family medical history first during your appointment. Having this information, such as current and past injuries, underlying medical conditions and a family history of certain diseases or conditions, helps determine your treatment plan. You should let our chiropractor know about any medications you take as well.

Physical Evaluation

When you have provided your personal and family medical history, our chiropractor will do a thorough evaluation of your spine, as well as any other parts of your body that are in pain. This evaluation involves testing your flexibility and determining if specific movements cause pain to flare up. Our chiropractor might also need to have X-rays done to assess damage to your spine in more detail. These images show how severe spinal disc damage is, which helps our chiropractor create a treatment plan.

Spinal Adjustments in Lincoln

When our chiropractor comes up with a treatment plan for you, it will include chiropractic or spinal adjustments. Having these adjustments done puts your spine into its proper alignment, which helps heal any damage you have. These manipulations also take pressure off nerves that branch out from your spine and lower your risk of having chronic pain. Our chiropractor in Lincoln will let you know when you should come back for another adjustment and how often you might need them for pain relief. Depending on the cause of your pain, you might also have stretches and other care as part of your treatment plan.

Visit Our Lincoln Chiropractor

If your ongoing pain is preventing you from doing your normal activities, please contact Lott Chiropractic to schedule an appointment. Our Lincoln chiropractor will fully evaluate your spine and provide you with adjustments to ease the pain.


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