Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Conditions Treated by Our Lincoln Chiropractor

At Lott Chiropractic, Lincoln chiropractor Dr. Gregory Lott uses his clinical expertise to evaluate and treat shoulder pain conditions among men, women, and children. His patients appreciate his attention to detail, his individualized care, and his commitment to helping people find lasting relief from their condition in a way that supports total body health. 

Man suffering from shoulder pain
Common Conditions Associated with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can affect one or both joints. Common conditions seen by our chiropractor include:

  • Tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff strains, and ligament sprains: damage and inflammation of these soft tissues are common in athletics and certain occupations that involve a lot of upper arm movement (especially overhead movement)
  • Shoulder dislocation: joints in the shoulder (including the glenohumeral joint and acromioclavicular joint) can become partially or fully out of alignment, causing immediate pain and deformity
  • Frozen shoulder: called adhesive capsulitis, this condition is hallmarked by progressive and significant range of motion loss, often following issues like trauma, illness, or radiation 

Shoulder pain can also occur when whiplash (a neck pain syndrome caused by forceful bending of the neck) or cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerves in the neck) refer pain to the shoulder joint area. 

In addition to shoulder pain, which may feel tender, sharp, focal, or diffuse, other symptoms include range of motion loss, pain only in certain ranges of motion ("painful arc"), weakness, inability to lift/move the arm, numbness and tingling in the arm or hand, clicking or popping, and neck pain. 

Risk Factors for Shoulder Pain

Certain types of sports and occupations have an increased risk for shoulder pain, including swimming, pitching, CrossFit, electrician, carpentry, and construction workers. However, even sedentary people can develop shoulder pain, particularly if they have poor posture and frequently slouch while sitting at a desk or while using a smart phone. Auto accident injury, personal injury like a slip and fall and overuse may lead to shoulder pain, too. 

How We Manage Your Shoulder Pain

Come see Dr. Lott with your shoulder pain. Our services can relieve your discomfort and resolve swelling, inflammation, and altered joint mobility. Services also promote natural tissue healing and improved strength and stability for longer-lasting results. Beneficial services include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments, which stimulate the nervous system to release pain-relieving hormones; these also help improve the shoulder and spine alignment (which must work together for optimal function)
  • Corrective exercises
  • Massage therapy 
  • Lifestyle counseling (get tips for better posture, ergonomics, stress management, etc.)

Is Your Shoulder in Pain? Contact Lott Chiropractic 

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